7 DIY Gender Reveal Games For Your Big Announcement (2024)

Get ready for a truly exciting moment in your life – revealing the gender of your baby! Whether you're planning an intimate gathering with close family or a grand celebration with friends, this is a special occasion filled with anticipation and joy.

The moment when you unveil the gender of your baby is a memory that will be cherished forever. It's a time when everyone comes together to share in your happiness and create lasting memories. To make this moment even more special and answer the question, "what games do you play at a gender reveal?" we've put together a collection of seven DIY gender reveal games that will add a dash of fun, laughter, and surprise to your big announcement.

These games are designed to not only build excitement but also to engage your guests and make them feel a part of your journey. Whether you're a parent-to-be looking to make the announcement memorable or a party planner aiming to create an unforgettable event, these DIY gender reveal games have got you covered.

Best DIY Gender Reveal Games

1. Tic Tac Toe Gender Reveal Board DIY

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This creative twist on Tic Tac Toe adds an element of suspense to your gender reveal. To set up the DIY gender reveal game, create a Tic Tac Toe board using a board. Ensure that the X and O markers are reversible, featuring one side in blue and the other in pink, symbolizing a boy and a girl. Arrange the X and O markers on the board in a preset configuration. However, here's the twist: the game is strategically prepared in advance so that either X or O can secure a winning arrangement, symbolizing either a girl or a boy.

The expecting parents simply need to take turns flipping one of the markers. The marker that ends up winning the game, whether it's X or O, will reveal the baby's gender. It's a clever and interactive way to make the announcement, with the anticipation building as each marker is flipped, and the final result adding an exciting twist to a classic game that will surely be a memorable moment for everyone present.

2. DIY Gender Reveal Powder Balloon

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When it comes to the best gender reveal ideas, there's a classic and visually spectacular game that's a must for your gender reveal celebration. Imagine filling a balloon with colored powder, blue for a boy and pink for a girl. The fun part? You won't know the color until the perfect moment! Here's how to setup the DIY gender reveal game:

Get someone to fill the balloon with the colored powder. When the time is right, it's time to pop the balloon. Whether it's you, your partner, or a loved one, the burst of colorful powder will reveal your baby's gender in a breathtaking cloud of color. This game is a favorite among expectant parents for good reason. It adds an unforgettable element of surprise and joy to your gender reveal party, and the photos will be cherished forever. Get ready to capture that magical moment when your baby's gender is revealed in a burst of color!

3. Gender Reveal Cake

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Imagine the delightful anticipation of cutting into a seemingly ordinary cake and discovering the sweet secret hidden inside – your baby's gender! The Gender Reveal Cake is a delightful game, and while you may not be the one setting it up, you'll surely enjoy the sweet surprise.

For this DIY gender reveal game, you'll need someone skilled in the kitchen to bake or order a special cake for your gender reveal. The exterior should remain neutral, giving no hint of what's inside. The magic happens beneath the surface as your cake baker creates layers with either blue or pink frosting to match the gender. As you cut into the cake during the celebration, these colored layers will be revealed. Gather your loved ones around as you and your partner slice into the cake. The moment you reveal the colored layers is the moment you announce the gender of your baby. Cheers and applause will follow as everyone shares in your joy!

While you may not be handling the cake preparations yourself, you'll relish in the delicious surprise that awaits you and your guests. This classic and heartwarming gender reveal idea brings sweetness and excitement to your celebration. Enjoy the moment when your baby's gender is revealed through a slice of cake – a memory you'll savor for years to come and write it in your baby memory book!

4. Gender Reveal Pinata

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Prepare for a heart-pounding, colorful twist to your gender reveal celebration with the Gender Reveal Pinata. While you may not be the one setting it up, you're in for an exhilarating surprise.

To setup the DIY gender reveal game, start by selecting or crafting a pinata that suits your party's theme. It can take any shape or design, as long as it can be filled with gender-specific colored confetti or candies – blue for a boy or pink for a girl. Task a trusted friend or family member with filling the pinata secretly, making sure the contents remain hidden from view.

When the time is right, take turns or nominate someone to give the pinata a hearty whack. As it bursts open, a shower of colored confetti or candies will reveal whether it's a boy or a girl. The explosion of color will be met with cheers, laughter, and excitement as your loved ones share in your joy and the big reveal.

Though you won't be orchestrating the pinata setup yourself, you'll undoubtedly relish the thrill of smashing it open to unveil your baby's gender. Prepare for a lively and unforgettable moment that adds a burst of color and excitement to your gender reveal party!

5. Baby Ballot Gender Reveal

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Let's make your gender reveal celebration an engaging and interactive experience for your guests with the DIY Baby Ballot Gender Reveal game. This fun activity will have everyone participating and sharing in the thrill of your special moment. As your guests make their guesses and participate in the game, it's a wonderful way for them to predict your baby's gender and be part of the excitement.

To set it up, prepare a designated area with two ballot boxes – one labeled "Team Boy" and the other "Team Girl." Offer each guest a slip of paper and a pen upon their arrival. Encourage them to make their gender prediction by writing their name on the slip and placing it into the corresponding ballot box.

As your party reaches its peak, gather your guests around and open the ballot boxes to reveal the votes. Determine whether "Team Boy" or "Team Girl" has more supporters among your loved ones. Share the results, and then, with great excitement, unveil the actual gender of your baby. This game not only fosters active participation but also builds a sense of unity and anticipation among your guests.

6. Mystery Gender Reveal Toy Box

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Prepare for a heartwarming and enchanting gender reveal moment with the Mystery Gender Reveal Toy Box. This game combines the joy of childhood memories with the excitement of sharing your baby's gender with family and friends.

Imagine the anticipation building as you gather your loved ones for the big reveal. At the center of attention sits a toy box filled with an array of playful surprises. Each toy and balloon inside holds a secret, either dressed in shades of blue for a boy or adorned in pretty pink for a girl. The contents of the toy box remain a delightful mystery until the very moment of revelation.

With eager smiles and wide-eyed wonder, your guests are invited to open the toy box. As they lift the lid, the room fills with colorful balloons and toys, each representing the gender of your baby. It's a heartwarming and whimsical way to share the exciting news, as the room buzzes with joy and laughter.

The Mystery Gender Reveal Toy Box adds an element of surprise and nostalgia to your celebration, creating a magical atmosphere that will be cherished by all. While you may not be the one setting up the box, you'll relish in the shared excitement as your guests open it to unveil your baby's gender, creating a memorable and enchanting moment for everyone present.

7. Gender Reveal Scratch Off Cards

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Elevate your gender reveal celebration with an element of surprise and intrigue using Gender Reveal Scratch-Off Cards. These interactive cards transform the moment of revelation into an exhilarating and suspenseful experience that will have your guests on the edge of their seats.

Imagine the excitement as you hand out these specially designed cards to your loved ones. Each card holds a hidden message, concealing the secret of your baby's gender beneath a silver coating. The anticipation builds as your guests grasp their cards, wondering whether they hold the key to the blue or pink reveal.

With a sense of camaraderie and excitement, your guests will eagerly take their coins or keys and begin scratching away the silver layer. As the concealed message gradually emerges, gasps of astonishment and delight fill the air. Whether it's a resplendent shade of blue or a soft hue of pink, the unveiling of your baby's gender is met with a chorus of cheers and applause, marking the climax of your celebration.

The Gender Reveal Scratch-Off Cards offer a captivating and memorable way to share the exciting news with your nearest and dearest. Although you won't be designing the cards yourself, you'll savor the shared suspense and jubilation as your guests scratch away to unveil your baby's gender, creating a unique and thrilling moment that will be treasured by all.

DIY Gender Reveal Decoration Ideas

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When it comes to hosting a memorable gender reveal party, the right decorations can set the perfect tone for the celebration. Here are some delightful and creative DIY gender reveal decoration ideas to transform your venue into a gender reveal wonderland.

Start with the basics by using colored decorations in shades of blue and pink. These classic gender-associated colors can be incorporated in tablecloths, banners, and streamers, instantly conveying the theme of the party. Balloons are a must-have, and a balloon arch can make a striking focal point, building anticipation as your guests arrive.

Consider setting up a photobooth with props and backdrops that align with your chosen color scheme. This not only adds an element of fun but also allows guests to capture memorable moments.

Paper lanterns can be used to create a whimsical and dreamy atmosphere. Hang them from the ceiling or trees for an enchanting effect.

For your tables, get creative with DIY pink and blue centerpieces. You could use mason jars filled with colored water and flowers, or simply arrange blue and pink candles for an elegant touch.

When it comes to refreshments, incorporate your theme into the food and desserts. Cupcakes with blue and pink icing, and a cake that reveals the gender upon cutting, can be delightful additions.

These DIY gender reveal decoration ideas will not only enhance the visual appeal of your party but also make it a truly memorable event for you and your guests. Plus, you can keep some of these decorations and use them to announce the birth of your baby, creating a beautiful connection between these two joyous moments in your life.

Record Gender Reveal with Dujourbaby

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Don't let the magic of your gender reveal moment slip away; capture these precious memories in your pregnancy and baby memory book. It's a vital milestone in your journey to parenthood, and there's no easier way to do it than with the Dujourbaby Memory Book App. This innovative app simplifies the process of creating a pregnancy and baby book. You can conveniently record memories on your phone, effortlessly upload photos from your mobile device, and, at the end of your baby's first year, receive a beautifully compiled book that encapsulates this remarkable chapter of your life. With Dujourbaby, preserving the memories of your gender reveal and the entire parenting journey is not only effortless but also wonderfully rewarding.

Embracing the Joy of Gender Reveal Anticipation

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Hosting a memorable gender reveal party is all about celebrating the anticipation of your baby's arrival. From creative games like the Mystery Gender Reveal Toy Box and Gender Reveal Scratch-Off Cards to captivating decorations that set the stage for the big announcement, every element contributes to the joy and surprise of the day.

Remember, the heart of your gender reveal party is the shared excitement, laughter, and love that surround this significant moment in your life. It's a time for building memories with family and friends, creating bonds that will grow as your baby does.

Whether you're planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, the key is to cherish the journey and enjoy every moment leading up to the revelation of your baby's gender. As you embark on this new chapter of parenthood, embrace the surprises, and savor the love and support of your loved ones.

With the right games, decorations, and a touch of creativity, your gender reveal party will be a joyful and unforgettable occasion, marking the beginning of a beautiful adventure as a family. Congratulations on this exciting journey, and may your baby's arrival bring endless happiness and love to your lives!

7 DIY Gender Reveal Games For Your Big Announcement (2024)


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