91 Rare Girl Names That are Insanely Beautiful - I Spy Fabulous (2024)

91 Rare Girl Names That are Insanely Beautiful - I Spy Fabulous (1)

Every once in awhile, you hear a name that is so beautiful or so cool that you just wonder, “How is this not more popular?” If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in luck. After years of writing about baby names and watching the popularity charts and name trends, I’ve decided to compile a list of the girl names that I think are surprisingly rare, especially considering how sweet they are.

When putting this together, I’ve considered all spellings of a name and checked them on the social security database for popularity, so if a name is popular with one spelling, I don’t include it in an alternate spelling – because it’s the same name and that’s misleading. I get annoyed when I see a name like Scarlette on a rare name list, when we all know Scarlett is super popular right now and they sound the same. So, I’ve done the work here to weed out names like that to find the truly rare jewels (and Jewel is on the list, too!).

Of course, there’s some limitations here. Some of these names may be rare in the US, but much more common elsewhere. It’s impossible for me to check rankings globally, so I just do what I can 🙂 Use this list to find your new favorite, whether you are looking for the perfect name for your new best friend or need the right name for that super special character in your next novel (I have a surprising amount of authors that use my name lists!).

I hope you’ll find that gem of a name – both rare and beautiful – right here. Make sure to leave a comment below with your favorite or to suggest a name that I should add to this list!

91 Beautiful & Rare Girl Names:

91 Rare Girl Names That are Insanely Beautiful - I Spy Fabulous (2)

1.Alessia – A gorgeous name that is still rarely used. One of my all-time favorites.

2. Alexia – I have always been a fan of this name, although the popularity of the Alexa device might discourage you from using it.

3. Amalia – One of my favorites. Mali or Mollie or even Lia are great nicknames.

4. Annalise – When I was younger, I fell in love with this name and always planned to name my daughter this…until I married someone with a last name that rhymed with it.

5. Alora – So sweet and a unique take on Lora, without being too different.

6. Arden – A unisex name that really does work for both. A friend recently chose this name for her daughter.

7. Aubriella – Brielle is one of my favorite names and this incorporates it in a way that you could use Brielle as a nn.

8. Aubrianna – I know and love a very sweet Aubrianna. Great name.

9. Aviana – I really don’t understand how this one hasn’t picked up in popularity. Ava has been a top 10 name for so long and this gives you a similar sound with a longer, more elegant name. You can use Avi or even Ava for a nickname, too.

10. Bellamy – This gender neutral name is so cool and different, without being strange.

11. Bianca – I really am surprised we don’t see this one more. It’s such a cute name and Bebe or Bea is a great nickname! Currently ranked in the 400s for popularity, so not that common.

12. Bria – No doubt about it, Brie blew up in a big way a few years ago and it was everywhere. But Bria? Never heard of it, but so cute.

13. Camilla – Another favorite of mine. Camille has been rising up the ranks, but Camilla remains firmly below the top 100. The nn Milla or Cami or built-in and so cute.

14. Carissa – I was almost named Carissa! I’m shocked to see that this name isn’t even in the top 1000 for the last few years!

15. Cassidy – I know and love a Cassidy, so maybe I’m biased, but I love this name. You can use Cassie, which is a great nn, and Cassidy is fresher and rarer than the classic Cassandra.

16. Chanel – I knew an adorable Chanel once. She’s the only one I’ve ever met in my life.

17. Cora – Another “ora” name but different enough to be rare. Although, the feminine company Cora is getting more popular and might make you reconsider.

18. Cyra – Obsessed with this. Persian for “light”. I met a little girl named this after having my daughter and wanted a do-over. See more gorgeous Persian girl names here.

19. Elodie – This is both old and new. Some old-fashioned names should really stay in the history books, but this one is sweet enough to revive.

20. Ember – At one point, this was sitting around number 160 for popularity, which surprises me since I’ve only ever heard of one Ember, but it’s even less popular now. I do wonder if they get annoyed with having to tell people it’s Amber with an E, though.

21. Eden – Surprisingly, this is sitting between 1-200 on the popularity chart. I have recently gotten to know a grown woman named Eden and it has made me realize what a cool name this is.

22. Eve – This classic is so much less popular than Eva or Evie, but just as cool. What a great one-syllable name if you’re looking for one less popular than Wren or Paige.

23. Farrah – A personal favorite. It’s an Arabic/Persian name, but gained popularity with Farrah Fawcett. Farrah is ready for a resurgence with a new generation of unique and beautiful girls.

24. Genevieve – A solid name and the nickname Genna or Gen is so cute.

25. Gia – I love this name. It’s slightly more popular than the next one on this list and makes a fantastic nickname for it.

26. Giana – My daughter was almost Giana and we were going to call her Gia or Gigi. I still think about this name and part of me wishes we had picked it. The deciding factor was right before I gave birth, my SIL got a dog and named it Gigi.

27. Ginger – What a great name for a girl with red hair and lots of freckles. This is not even in the top 1000 for the past few years.

28. Giselle – There are so few G names for girls and they are usually fairly unused. This is one of my absolute favorites.

29. Harlow – Love this name and while it’s picking up speed, it’s nowhere near the top 100, so it’s a great time to use it.

30. Hattie – This one had a moment in the spotlight, but still remains a very rare, but beautiful, name.

31. Holland – Love destination names but want something less common than Paris or London? Holland is cute but not too strange.

32. Isla – Even though this name pops up in the top 100 for some baby name popularity lists, I have yet to meet a single one in person. This is definitely a name that should be more popular.

33. Jewel – I love the artist, Jewel, and that’s exactly how I imagine any little Jewel to be: talented, unique, and beautiful.

34. Jocelyn – I feel like this is a name that we’ve all heard, but not too often. So, most people know how to pronounce it and spell it, but it’s going to feel fresh and new.

35. Joelle – Do you watch The Bachelorette? Joelle is one of my favorite female leads on the show ever. I love the nickname Jojo, too. So cute.

36. Johanna – Similar to Joanna, but you do pronounce the H here. I had a friend/coworker with this name and she is one of the smartest, strongest, most badas* women I’ve ever met. (swear word redacted to appease the Google gods)

37. Jolie – I first heard this as a first name on one of the Real Housewives show and thought it was just adorable.

38. Kahlani – A solid Hawaiian name for girls. I love Hawaii and the culture there, so this is close to my heart.

39. Kara – I loved Kara’s Cupcakes when I was in the Bay Area and the name Kara is such a great choice, too. Can also be spelled Cara and they’re both unusual enough to not turn multiple heads at the playground.

91 Rare Girl Names That are Insanely Beautiful - I Spy Fabulous (3)

40. Kyra – One of my favorite students of all time was born with the name Kyra. I will always have the most positive associations with this name because of them.

41. Larissa – The meaning of this one is laughter or happy, which just really puts a smile on my face. Would you believe it’s not even in the top 1000?

42. Leighton – I’ve heard this pronounced as Lee-ton or Lay-ton and both are great. Leigh is a beautiful way to spell Lee, especially for a girl. Leighton Meester, the actress, really helped give this name a boost, but it’s still sitting in the 300s.

43. Leona – Less popular than Lena or Lana, but with a similar sound. Could also do Leora or the next one on this list.

44. Lenora – This was repeatedly mentioned on a Reddit thread about rare girl names. I love the nn Nora.

45. Lilianna – There are a variety of spellings for this one and they all rank differently in terms of popularity, but all of them are past 100, so I feel I can include this on the list. We need more Liliannas.

46. Luisa – A friend of mine recently confessed that this is the name she almost named her daughter. She ended up going with a name that’s been in the top 10 most popular for years and regrets how many times her daughter has had to go by her full name.

47. Mallory – Shocked there aren’t more Mallorys. How?

48. Maeve – Sitting at over 100, but closer than I would have expected, Maeve is a great name that is still not super popular.

49. Makenna – I love this name. We have a Makenna in the family. I’d never heard this name before her and I’ve always loved it since.

50. Mara – Mila and Maya took the baby name charts by storm, but you can get a similar vibe with Mara, which is a lot less popular.

51. Marianna – My daughter has a friend who spells this Merianna and I just love it.

52. Mercedes – Another name more common in Persian culture, I love the name Mercedes. This is one of my sister’s middle names and I’ve always been jealous that she has such a cool name.

53. Mikaela – Also spelled Makayla, Michaela, and Mikayla, this name is sitting in the 600s currently and has so many cute nicknames, like Mikki, Kaela and more.

54. Monroe – I would consider this a “cool” name for a girl. Just get ready for the questions, “Are you obsessed with Marilyn Monroe or something?”

55. Myla – Such a cute take on Maya that is less popular. I’ve only met one Myla in my whole life and she was stunning – inside and out. A slightly more popular, but also beautiful name is Lyla.

56. Navy – This is certainly one of the more unusual names on this list, but I feel compelled to include it. Navy is like Scarlett in the sense that it’s a color, but also feels like a name. I knew a little Navy Jane, so maybe I’m biased, but I think it makes for a great and rare name.

57. Noella – I cannot believe this name isn’t even in the top 1000 for the last few years. I love the name Noella so much. My daughter’s middle name is Noelle and I thought about Noella as a first name for sure.

58. Noemi – A take on Naomi, Noemi is a really beautiful name that rolls off the tongue. My friend always said she’d choose this if she had a girl, but then had all boys.

59. Olive – I’ll be honest, I was hearing this everywhere for awhile, but then it cooled off. I haven’t met an Olive in person for awhile now. The name charts agree with me. It spiked a few years ago and has been cooling off ever since. Olive & Sage could be siblings.

60. Ophelia – Do you sing the song in your head when you see this one? What a great name.

61. Parisa – I love this beautiful Persian name for girls. Risa is a great nn.

62. Piper – This name was in the top 100 for a couple years, but has been decreasing in rank since 2022. So, if you’ve ever wanted to use this name, this is a great time to pick it!

63. Portia – I’m a bigtime car fan and so I love some car themed names and this is one of them. I’ve only met one Portia in real life, but I’ve seen a few celebrities and their kids named this.

64. Quinn – This one is gaining in popularity and was last ranked around #124, so it’s inching toward that top 100 list. Still, it’s not going to be something you hear all the time and I have only known one kid with this name at my kids’ entire school. It’s also a super cool name for a girl.

65. Reagan – I really leaned toward this name for my daughter. It’s close to my son’s name, though, so I ended up choosing something else. Currently sitting in the 300s, which makes it not that common at all.

66. Rain – Such a sweet name, especially if you love the cold weather as much as I do. Popular names like Reina are also so beautiful and pack a powerful punch with its meaning too.

67. Raya – Hoenstly, the first time I heard this, I was shocked I’d never heard it before or thought of it myself. I love that there’s a character by this name now, too. Still, it’s not widely used and perfect for this list.

68. Reese – Another fantastic unisex name that is a perfect first or middle name. I know a Scarlett Reese and that pairing is a good one. Can also spell it Rhys for boys, which is the Welsh spelling.

69. Rhiannon – This powerful girl’s name means queen. My mom pushed hard for this one when I was pregnant and I liked it a lot.

70. Roslyn – I chose this name for my niece and I am still in love with it. Sometimes spelled Rosalyn, but it’s pronounced Ross-lyn. Rosalind is the heroine in the Shakesperean play, “As You Like It”.

71. Sage – We have an adorable little neighbor named Sage! She is so cute and this name is, too.

72. Samira – Another incredible Persian girl name. Sami is the perfect nickname. I have always loved the nn Sami and considered this name to be able to use it. Samia is also fantastic (Sam-eye-a). I had a student named Samia and she made this name unforgettable for me.

73. Sasha – This is a spunky little name for a girl full of personality.

74. Serena – Total “cool girl name” for sure. Currently sitting in the 300s for popularity.

75. Simone – I absolutely love the name Simone. It was going to be a middle name choice for us. I’m always surprised by how rare this name is.

76. Tatianna – A powerful name, to be sure. Every Tatianna I have ever known has been extremely intelligent, fiery and independent.

77. Tessa – I tell the story in another name post about how right after my daughter was born, I met a mom with a newborn named Tessa at a gas station and almost changed my daughter’s name. This is a great name.

78. Thalia – Usually pronounced “Tall-ee-uh”, with a silent H, but I have heard it with a “th” sound in the beginning as well. Both are really great, but I prefer the silent H.

79. Thea – This is often prounced “Tay-uh” and I’ve seen it spelled Taya as well. Tay is a great nickname usually preserved for the name Taylor, but you can get a more rare name with Thea and the cute nickname, too.

91 Rare Girl Names That are Insanely Beautiful - I Spy Fabulous (4)

80. Violeta – While her sister Violette has become increasingly popular, Violeta remains far less used – but equally beautiful.

81. Willa – My daughter has the American Girl doll, Willa, and I’ve always thought what a cute name that is. In the solid 300s for popularity, too, so she will probably be the only one in her class all the way through school.

82. Winter – I’ve actually known a Winter and she was super cool. This is much less popular than fellow season Summer, too.

83. Wren – I’m shocked Wren is currently in the 1-200s, but that’s not the top 100, so you’re still looking at a name that you won’t hear everywhere.

84. Yara – so cute. And, sometimes pronounced Zara, but also I’ve heard it with the Y sound, too.

85. Yvette – This cool French girl name is always so rare (at least in the US), but everyone loves it. This one is not even in the top 1000!

86. Zara – The most popular Z name on this list, currently sitting in the 200s, Zara or Zarah is a spicy take on Sara. So much rarer and much cooler.

87. Zaria – Take it even further with Zaria, which is almost unheard of, but still cool.

88. Zella – I’ve only met one Zella in my whole life and she was the coolest, most accomplished, little pre-teen I’ve ever met in my life. Seriously, amazing, and I’ll always think of this name with a smile on my face. If you choose this name, your daughter will be in great company.

89. Zia – There was a little cafe in our town named Zia’s when we moved here. I loved that place and I love this name.

90. Ziva – I had to add this, because my son was in a class with a girl named Ziva. She was one of a kind and so far beyond her years in maturity and personality.

91. Zora – Zora Neale Hurston is an influential namesake for this super rare name.


Phew! That was a lot of baby names and research to make sure they’re not in the top 100 at time of posting. Most of these are deep into the hundreds or even thousands, too.

I’d love to know which ones of these are your favorite. If you love researching names as much as I do, there are a lot more lists like this on the blog. Here’s just a few more that might inspire you:

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So much of choosing a name is personal preference. I read some other lists of rare names before posting this and was shocked and stunned by some of the names. That’s the beauty of it, though. We’re all going to respond to names differently and this is my version of a rare and beautiful list of names. Let me know your favorite below!

Have a fabulous day,


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