Clean My Mac Sign In (2024)

1. Manage Your CleanMyMac X Subscription - MacPaw

  • 27 mrt 2023 · The most recent CleanMyMac customers who activate the app with login and password have all they need in MacPaw Account. Go on reading this ...

  • (Updated: March 27, 2023)

2. CleanMyMac X: Make Your Mac As Good As New

  • Free up RAM, manage login items and plugins to max out the performance of your Mac. *Testing conducted using MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016) with 512 GB of storage.

  • Here’s the only legit tool for a health check, Mac speed up and protection. Get a smoothly-running system in no time — CleanMyMac X is incredibly easy to use. Get started for free.

3. How to manage and cancel your Apple subscriptions - CleanMyMac X

  • 4 aug 2021 · Open the App Store on your Mac. · Bottom left, click your name, or sign in if you haven't already. · Select View Information, top right, and sign ...

  • Managing your App Store subscriptions isn't difficult when you've got the know-how. So let's get started with all the tips you need.

4. A quick way to disable automatic login on Mac - CleanMyMac X

  • Open System Preferences and go to Security & Privacy. From the General tab, you can select Disable Automatic Login. That's it!

  • Automatic login may be a convenient feature, but it’s also a vulnerability. Here’s how to disable automatic login on your Mac.

5. Can't login my laptop account - Apple Community

6. Clean My Mac update caused TOTAL FILE RESYNC - Dropbox Community

  • 7 mrt 2017 · Solved: I just updated clean my mac ran it and now my Dropbox is resyncing ALL THE FILES. What went wrong? I don't want this to happen again ...

  • I just updated clean my mac ran it and now my Dropbox is resyncing ALL THE FILES.  What went wrong?  I don't want this to happen again.   Thank you. 

7. Download CleanMyMac 4.15.0 for Mac |

  • Clean your Mac in a few seconds. OnyX icon. OnyX ... Keylogger that registers everything you write on a database ... User icon Log in or Sign up. Mac · Business.

  • Keep your computer in good shape

8. How to suscribe your Cleanmymac ? | Spliiit

  • The account sharing is done by activation key. In fact, you must download the CleanmyMac application. Go to macpaw, search for CleanmyMac and click on download.

  • Shared subscription keeps your wallet happy !

9. What to try if you can't install or activate Office for Mac

  • Troubleshoot install or activation errors for Microsoft 365 for Mac: · Can't sign in to activate. Are you using the correct Microsoft Account (MSA)? ...

  • If you're having trouble installing or activating Office for Mac, you can find self-help troubleshooting steps for common issues.

10. CleanMyMac X on Setapp | Free up space, protect, and speed up Mac

  • CleanMyMac is a powerful app to clean, optimize, and protect your Mac for years of use. Run instant system cleanups, uninstall and update apps, ...

  • Clean up and optimize your Mac with a touch of a button. Or manually use a variety of built-in tools to speed up macOS and keep it in top shape.

11. Is Clean My Mac a Virus? - Malwarebytes Forums

  • 27 sep 2023 · Hello @Rubytuz and :welcome: : The truly legitimate CleanMyMac X (v4.14.2) is not malware. With all the built-in features of macOS, ...

  • Someone told me that the Clean My Mac app is a virus. I like how it gets rid of unnecessary files. Is there any reason I should not use Clean My Mac?

12. How to Remove Microsoft Account from Mac - Process Street

  • To access your Internet accounts on a Mac, follow these steps. This will help you sign out of your Microsoft account easily. Go to the Apple menu in the top ...

  • Learn how to easily remove your Microsoft account from your Mac with our step-by-step guide. Say goodbye to unnecessary clutter!

13. How to clean up and optimize your Mac: My go-to methods - Setapp

  • 22 apr 2024 · Cleaning up your Mac desktop means deleting unnecessary files and sorting the ones you need into the appropriate folders. Deleting files is best ...

  • We've prepared the best Mac cleanup tips for you - just follow these steps to clean up and optimize your Mac, making it faster and more responsive.

14. Sign out of an email account in Outlook for Mac - Microsoft Support

  • In the lower left of the Accounts dialog box, click the minus (-) button. Delete a mail account. Select Sign out. Select Sign Out to remove the account from ...

  • Learn how to sign out of an email account in Outlook for Mac

15. How to solve Apple ID Verification Error in Mac - Hexnode Help Center

  • Sign out of Apple ID · Check Apple Servers · Check your Wi-Fi Connection · Turn VPN OFF · Change the Apple ID password · Set date and time to automatic · Changing the ...

  • Is your Apple ID verification process getting failed in Mac? Check this documentation to find the possible causes and solutions!

16. How to Turn Off Password on Mac/MacBook During Startup

  • How to Remove Login Password From Mac/MacBook. The ... This tutorial will show you how to turn off password on Mac, including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, etc.

  • About how to turn off the login password on Mac during startup, including MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and iMac.

17. How to remove or change your MacBook password - Asurion

  • 13 mei 2022 · Click on the Apple Menu. · Click System Preferences. · Click Users & Groups. · Click the lock, then enter your password. · Click Login Options in ...

  • Discover how you can change the password on your MacBook or MacBook Pro or remove it altogether.

18. Factory Reset Mac Without Password [for macOS Ventura/Monterey]

  • 13 mei 2024 · Have you ever encountered computer viruses, and you need to factory reset your Mac to remove ... For Intel Mac Users: Ensure you are in the login ...

  • Can I factory reset my Mac without passwords? In this passage, we will tell you how to enter the Recovery Mode and use the Disk Utility and Reinstall macOS options to factory reset the Mac without a password.

19. I need to remove someone's gmail account from my mac. - Google Help

  • 19 mrt 2023 · ... Mac, the other account might not appear in that setting at all. To remove unwanted accounts from the sign in list in Safari: Click on your ...

  • Gmail Help

Clean My Mac Sign In (2024)


Should I grant full access to CleanMyMac? ›

Full Disk Access is a security permission that allows the apps you install on your Mac (like CleanMyMac X) to access files, macOS settings, and other apps on your computer. Giving Full Disk Access to CleanMyMac X is easy and absolutely safe. Read more in Full Disk Access for CleanMyMac X.

Is CleanMyMac approved by Apple? ›

CleanMyMac X is legitimate software that is safe to download, but you should only get it from the official website or the App Store. An app has undergone a thorough testing and verification process to get a seal of approval from Apple and be present on the App Store.

Can MacPaw be trusted? ›

MacPaw is a trusted software company that many macOS users rely on. There's no proven evidence that CleanMyMac X has ever been unsafe, or that it has previously carried out any nefarious activities.

How do I unlock full version of CleanMyMac? ›

Activate or purchase

Open CleanMyMac X. Click the Unlock Full Version button in the sidebar on the left, then click Activate Now. To purchase CleanMyMac X on the MacPaw Store, click Buy Plan. Once you start a paid plan, go through the steps above to activate the app.

How to give CleanMyMac full access? ›

Click Privacy & Security in the sidebar on the left. In the pane on the right, scroll down and select Full Disk Access. Turn on Full Disk Access for all components of CleanMyMac X: CleanMyMac X.

Is it safe to grant access to macOS? ›

If you give apps access to your Mac, you also give them access to your contact, calendar, and other information, and are subject to their terms and privacy policies, and not the Apple Privacy Policy. Be sure to review an app's terms and privacy policy to understand how it treats and uses your information.

Is CleanMyMac actually useful? ›

If you're looking for more optimization tools than something that will catch malware, CleanMyMac X is one of the best options for macOS. If you want a solid antivirus, no matter what device you use, other products have proven third-party testing scores for protecting against malware, like McAfee or Norton.

Is CleanMyMac really free? ›

Is There a Free Version of CleanMyMac? Yes. CleanMyMac is available as a free download and it can be used for free for as long as you can handle the program's limitations.

How many Macs can I use CleanMyMac on? ›

1. Choose the 'Buy Now' option. 2. Select the plan type you would like to use – a one-year or one-time plan – and how many computers you would like to use it for – one Mac, two Macs, or Three Macs.

Does CleanMyMac have malware? ›

Is CleanMyMac malware or a virus? No. CleanMyMac is a legitimate app. It's notarized by Apple, which means it contains no malicious components and has been deemed safe.

How to get rid of CleanMyMac? ›

The easiest way to delete CleanMyMac Classic from your Mac is to drag the CleanMyMac Classic icon from the Applications folder to the Trash. However, as recommended for any other Mac software, it is also recommended that you uninstall CleanMyMac Classic with CleanmyMac Classic itself.

Will CleanMyMac speed up my Mac? ›

CleanMyMac X takes the all extra burden off your system. As a result, your computer gets noticeably speedier. Because life's too short for a slow Mac. Speed up your Mac and make it more responsive with CleanMyMac X.

How to activate CleanMyMac for free? ›

In the "Sounds like a plan" window, click Go to Account (or open your MacPaw Account in browser and select your current plan). Then, click Launch App to open CleanMyMac X on your Mac. Alternatively, to start activation, open CleanMyMac X on your Mac, click Unlock Full Version, then click Activate Now.

Is CleanMyMac a one-time purchase? ›

CleanMyMac X offers several pricing plans for both a one-time purchase and a subscription.

Is CleanMyMac not safe? ›

What we can tell you is that CleanMyMac X is NOT a scam, risky, malicious, or a virus. The cleaner application is a legitimate and credible piece of software that is designed to aid Mac computer owners to help them reclaim resources and disk space that are bogging down their machine over extended use.

Is it safe to allow full disk access on a Mac? ›

The reason for Full Disk Access is acceptable

You can always see the detailed reasons on the pop-up Full Disk Access request. For instance, almost all data recovery software requires to access your disk as it needs to scan the disk to find the lost data and make data recovery possible.

What applications should have full disk access on a Mac? ›

At the same time, all other applications will be greeted with “You Shall Not Pass.” The protected areas that require Full Disk Access permission are your Mail, Messages, Safari, Home, and Time Machine. Full Disk Access gives access to certain parts of your drive, although it's not as “full” as the name suggests.

What does full disk access required mean? ›

Starting with macOS 10.14, Mojave; Intego software may require Full Disk Access to scan your Mail, Messages, Safari files, and other user data. Full Disk Access is a new security feature in macOS Mojave that requires some applications to be given full permission to access a user's protected files.

How many computers can I use CleanMyMac on? ›

CleanMyMac X review at a glance
PriceFree or $34.95-$79.95/yr
# of devices protected1, 2, or 5 Macs
Malware scansManual
Real-time malware protectionYes
Junk cleanerYes
5 more rows
Jan 18, 2024


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