Discord IP Resolver: Get Someone’s IP from Discord (3 EASY Ways) (2024)

There are numerous social media platforms that are used to interact with one another both socially and professionally. One such application is Discord, an easy-to-use and convenient way of communicating with others over internet protocol pathways. This works much like Skype, another one of the popular communication tools available to users worldwide.

Once logged onto Discord, it might just be necessary for the user to identify the IP address of a user. This might be due to a variety of reasons; one of the most common beings is to know exactly where the chatter or user is from. Another need for the IP addresses of users arises if the person wants to block out a user from the chats. It is done by getting hold of the IP address and blocking out the offending participant.

Discussed at length are the four most popular and convenient ways how to get someone’s IP from the Discord application.

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Discord IP Resolver: How to Get Someone’s IP From Discord

1.With the Discord IP Grabber

One of the easiest methods to use to capture the IP address of a user is Grabify. Here the target is lured to clicking on an URL that points to another website that captures the connection’s IP address. The steps to go about are as detailed below.

  • The user has to log on to his account either from the website or the Discord app. The target must be online when the IP grabber is going to be used.
  • A friendly conversation is struck between the user and the target. The tone of the discussion must be friendly so that the target would not hesitate to click on any link sent to his messenger box.
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  • When the target is fully engrossed in the ongoing conversation, the link is sent to the user. This can be in the form of a video, picture, or even a meme. On clicking on the sent link, the target is taken to the webpage that tracks the IP address.
  • The tracking code is embedded in the link that is being sent to the unsuspecting target using the Grabify application.
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  • It is possible to customize and shield the actual URL so that the target does not suspect anything out of the ordinary in clicking the sent URL, as shown above.
  • Once the target has clicked on the disguised link, the URL is then pasted onto the Results Icon, and how to get someone’s IP from Discord is revealed.
  • The end result not only gives out the IP address but also the location and type of device being used by the target user.

2.Using the Command Prompt

The second method used to capture the IP address of a target would be to use the command prompt of the operating system in use which could be Windows. By executing the prompt, it is possible to have the Discord ID to the IP of all the participants in a conversation box displayed on the screen. These numerous addresses are eliminated one by one to give the address of the target user.

  • Close all the running applications on the computer with only the web browser being used at one time.
  • On the opened-out web browser, open out the Discord account and log in. Make sure that the target is online as well and strike up a conversation with the user. This establishes the connection between the target computer and yours. Keep the conversation engaging enough so that the target can be tracked from the different IP addresses that the Command Prompt throws up.
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  • From the menu button, type in CMD to have the command prompt displayed.
  • Enter the command ‘netstat -an’ and hit enter. The system will generate a long series of codes as TCP scripts.
  • The IP address of the established connections is taken and pasted onto the IP grabber tools to have the complete details of the user revealed.
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3. Using Wireshark

Wireshark is used to perform protocol analysis on connected websites to a browser. This can also be used with Discord to reveal the IP addresses of the target user most of the time.

  • Google Wireshark to download and install it on the computer.
  • An account is created on Wireshark and the user logs in to the system.
  • In the next step, the user would be asked to define the network device that he is using to connect to the internet. It can be chosen from the drop down menus as follows.
Discord IP Resolver: Get Someone’s IP from Discord (3 EASY Ways) (5)
  • Once the chosen network is fed into the Wireshark application, a range of IPs would be displayed on the screen. It is possible to apply a filter to screen out the superfluous ones by typing in UDP on the search bar.
  • The Command Prompt is opened out on your device, and the resultant IPs are filtered to give just the IP of the target user. This is done by using the ipconfig command.
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  • Now start a conversation with the target user on Discord. It is best advised to make a video call as it would allow a stream of data to be transferred between the host and receiver systems.
  • Now using Wireshark as outlined, the IP address of the subject is captured by the user.
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It is just possible that some unwanted users could be using the Discord system to create trouble or cause a nuisance to other users of the messaging system. By identifying the IP address it is possible to keep them out of the conversation by blocking them out.

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to know more about a target user while at the same time remaining discrete about it. The IP tracker allows the user to do this without much fuss.

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Discord IP Resolver: Get Someone’s IP from Discord (3 EASY Ways) (2024)


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