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There are many situations where you may need to obtain someone’s IP via Discord. However, not everyone knows how to do this. Discord is believed to host its servers internally, making it impossible for anyone to access their IP. This platform also uses TLS which provides greater security for its users.

IT professionals will tell you that it is impossible to obtain someone’s IP via Discord. However, this is false. It’s possible to get the IP of the person you are interested using a Discord resolver. This article will show you the top Discord methods to find, grab and pull someone’s Discord IP Address.

Discord IP Grabber and IP Puller

IP grabbers and IP pullers are without a doubt one of the most effective ways to find out someone’s address. You can track IP addresses with a variety of IP grabbing software. This is how Grabify works:

Step 1.Get a Person’s URL

Each user will be given a link to their page on Discord. To grab their IP, you must first know the link. Grabify offers a handy window where you can copy-paste their Discord address.

Step 2. Create a URL

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Once you’ve entered your Discord username, click the button “Create URL.” This will create a working URL that you can give to your Discord user to get their IP. Now you have the URL as usual, but with some parameters. You get the information when the user clicks on the link.

If all that sounds complicated, you can check out this simple tutorial on how to catch catfish online with Grabify tracking links.

Step 3. Save Your Tracking Code

Grabify will provide you with a tracking code when you create a URL to your user. This code is vital as it allows you to track the IP address of the user.

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Step 4. Give the Generated Link to the User

Once you have the link, send it to the user. Make sure they click it. The user must be interested in clicking on the link. Otherwise, you won’t receive the IP address.

Step 5. Track IP

Once you have the tracking code, and the user has clicked your link to track their IP, you can do so. First, enter the tracking code into a field on Grabify. You can find it on their homepage, as it is at the top. Click on the “Tracking Code” button to display all information about Discord users you have gathered using Grabify.

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This is an easy way to access the Discord account of your chosen user. Grabify allows you to log IPs, country and user agent information, as well as the OS and device details of any user. Grabify has a simple tool that provides a lot of information. You can visit Grabify to see what it can do.

Use the Discord IP Resolver

Discord IP Resolver is another way to find someone’s Discord IP. This tool uses modern technologies to provide you with any information you need. IP Resolver technology is capable of performing a packet interception scan. This allows you to extract, decrypt, or fetch any IP address you require.

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The tool sends spoofed packages that have been modified in a specific way. The app’s artificial Intelligence algorithms can adapt to the user’s location. The target IP will then send encrypted packets back to you, giving you information about their IP.

Notable: The target user must be online to use this tool.

How do we get Discord’s user ID?

Step 1. Get Your User ID

You can get your user ID by joining any Discord server and typing @yourusername> You will receive your User ID after this. For further steps, copy it.

Step 2. Turn On Developer Mode

You must first go to Discord and select “Settings” to get another user’s IP. Next, click “Appearance” to check the box next to “Developer Mode.”

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Step 3. Copy Another User’s ID

Once you have turned on developer mode, click on the right-click of the user that you want and then click “Copy ID.” You can now proceed to the next step.

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Step 4. Fetch an IP Address

Copy the Discord User ID that you have received into the Discord Resolver Website. Click “Resolve” to see the IP address of your user on the Discord IP Grabber website.

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Wireshark can be used to obtain Discord IP

Wireshark is another powerful tool people use to analyze protocols. You can view what’s happening on your network at microscopic levels. This project is available since 1998. It can perform rich VoIP analysis as well as live capture analysis. This allows you access to any IP, even Discord users.

How can Wireshark be used to find someone’s Discord IP address? This may require some technical knowledge. You will be fine as long as you follow the instructions and are committed.

Step 1. Install Wireshark

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Before you can use Wireshark, you will need to first download it to your computer. Visit their website and select the Download section. Once you have downloaded the file, all that is left to do is install it.

Step 2. Explore Tracking Functions

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This app has a lot of useful functions that will allow you to track almost anything. You can capture many pages and view the information your computer sends to various sites. Also, you can see the websites’ messages.

This includes Discord. You can use Discord to catch packages and view information about them, which will include the user IP. This will show you the number of packages, source IP, device, protocol, as well as other information.

Step 3. Login Into Discord

Wireshark can capture many sources as your computer is performing many tasks in the background. You can filter them with Wireshark functions. Click the tabs to see UTP, TCP protocols and other information.

If Discord is open and you speak with the user whose IP address you require, the app will record them. Make sure you turn the app on before you connect to them.

Step 4. Search Discord Packages

Wireshark, as we know, can record every Internet-connected process and track all information. How can you find Discord information among all this? It’s easy!

If you search Discord in the Wireshark window’s special field, it will display all of the current processes. This will enable User IP. It is easy to filter packages and view all information. You can search for different protocols by entering “Discord”, and each one will show you the results. This will provide insight into the Discord connection of your computer.

Step 5. Get the User IP

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We need to examine all incoming packages in order to find the IP of the Discord user. You will need the username to find the IP address of the definite user. You can easily find their IP by entering it into the search box for Wireshark.

You can search within the same categories that you used to search Discord traffic. Be aware that you might find a lot of useless information. However, the IP address of the user will be displayed in the Discord info.

Discord Resolver | IP Grabber, IP Puller & User ID Lookup (2024)


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