Our 5 Favorite Black Garlic Recipes | GradFood (2024)

Our 5 Favorite Black Garlic Recipes | GradFood (1)

Keep reading to get to our 5 Favorite Black Garlic Recipes. But first, we thought we would provide you with an overview of this unique and mysterious ingredient. We’ll teach you what black garlic is all about, where to find black garlic (or make it yourself!), and how to use black garlic in your cooking.

What is Black Garlic?

While some people say that it is fermented garlic, this is technically incorrect. It is fresh regular garlic (Allium sativum) that is slowly caramelized (which uses the Maillard reaction) over a period of weeks at low temperature and humidity.

In doing so, it creates a really unique color, texture, and taste. Note that black garlic is not actually burnt but just gets a deep dark black color due to the caramelization process.

When and where was it invented?

Some claim that it originated from Korea ~2004. Others say that it has actually been used culinarily for centuries in regions of Thailand, Korea, and Japan. Regardless, its popularity has grown into a worldwide culinary phenomenon.

It is featured on cooking shows like Top Chef, Chopped, and Iron Chef. You will now find its use in many high end restaurants around the globe.

What does Black Garlic taste like

Black garlic retains some garlic smell but its taste is slightly sweeter than regular garlic (it reminds me of a balsamic reduction or tamarind paste).

After trying a taste of black garlic for the first time with a delicious black garlic ramen, we found and bought some ourselves. Since then, we have been busy experimenting with it, resulting in the 5 unique black garlic recipes that we have shared with you today.

Health Benefits

Black garlic has been postulated to have wide-ranging health benefits, even beyond those of regular garlic. It is difficult to definitively prove claims (correlation is not causation) of specific health benefits in humans (so take this with a grain of salt).

Nonetheless, in rodent studies, black garlic seemed to prevent obesity, lower lipid levels, and have hepatoprotective effects.

Where to get Black Garlic

Back in the day, you could only find black garlic in niche stores for exorbitant prices. However, nowadays you can get it only for fairly cheap. Here’s alinkto where we bought ours on Amazon. Easy peasy!

Our 5 Favorite Black Garlic Recipes | GradFood (2)

How to Make Black Garlic Yourself

As discussed above, the process to make black garlic is fairly long and, from what we’ve heard, quite smelly. You basically let garlic sit in your rice cooker or slow cooker for weeks to months.

Meanwhile, it coats the entire room/house in a thick garlic odor. Since for our sake and our neighbors (we live in an apartment), we opted to just buy some black garlic rather than try making it ourselves.

However, if you do want to try making it yourself, go for it! You’ll find that there are a variety of tutorials demonstrating a number of methods to making homemade black garlic. Unfortunately, it appears that some do not produce the same end result as others so make sure to do your research before trying!

Here are a few links to other sites if you’re interested in trying to make it yourself.

Recipes for Homemade Black Garlic

Cooking with Black Garlic

This ingredient can become a unique and versatile ingredient in your pantry. You can use black garlic similarly to how you would use regular garlic but keep in mind that it tends to be more mushy and sweet/tangy than regular garlic.

You can blend it into a paste such as hummus, blend it into a black garlic puree, mince it up into tiny pieces for recipes like the current one, or even just spread it on bread for a new take on garlic bread.

Now that you’ve become an expert in all things black garlic after reading this article, let’s proceed with our recipes as promised.

Our 5 Favorite Black Garlic Recipes

2) Black Garlic Drizzled Caprese Salad

3) Creamy Black Garlic Chicken

5) Smashed Potatoes with Black Garlic Sauce

Bon Appetit!

We hope you enjoyed learning about black garlic as much as we did! So go ahead and try a few of these delicious recipes yourself to elevate your home cooking game and expand your culinary repertoire.

What do you think?

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Have you tried making homemade black garlic? Do you have a particular favorite black garlic dish?

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Our 5 Favorite Black Garlic Recipes | GradFood (2024)


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