Royal Family baby names - and the adorable special meanings behind them (2024)

With Royal baby names, one factor is most special beyond all factors - the history of their own family tree. Here, we run through some of the Firm's full names and the monarchs they pay homage to

Royal Family baby names - and the adorable special meanings behind them (1)

There's one thing that Brits love - the arrival of a new royal baby.

From the arrival of Prince George and Princess Charlotte to the births of William and Harry, history has been marked by the arrival of future royal members. And with all royal baby names, one factor is most special beyond all - the history of the family tree. Here, we run through some of the Firm's full names and the monarchs they pay homage to:

Ernest George Ronnie Brooksbank - Born 2023

Princess Eugenie explained the reasoning behind the moniker on her Instagram. “He is named after his great great great Grandfather George, his Grandpa George and my Grandpa Ronald,” she wrote. Meanwhile, the classic English name of Ernest means “resolute”.

Sienna Elizabeth Mapelli Mozzi - Born 2021

Elizabeth is a nod to the Windsor matriarch and mum Beatrice’s grandmother, the Queen. Meanwhile, Sienna is an Italian name, which acts as a sweet nod to dad Edoardo’s heritage.

Lilibet 'Lilly' Diana - Born 2021

Princess Lilibet, the youngest child of the Duke and duch*ess of Sussex, was given this name as an affectionate tribute to her late great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, who was nicknamed Lilibet by close family members. A name with Hebrew origins, Lilibet means 'God's promise', and could be a beautiful choice for those who follow a religious faith.

Archie Harrison - Born 2019

A shortened version of Archibald, Archie has become popular in its own right in recent years, and is also the name of Prince Harry's eldest child. This sweet name also means 'genuine', 'bold', and 'brave', qualities any new parent would no doubt want their little one to possess.

Louis Arthur Charles - Born 2018

Louis, pronounced with a silent s , is a tribute to Prince William ’s beloved great-grand uncle, Louis Mountbatten, who was assassinated by the IRA in 1979. Meanwhile, Arthur is one of William’s middle names, whereas Charles is a clear nod to the Duke of Cambridge’s father.

Charlotte Elizabeth Diana - Born 2015

The name Charlotte, a feminine version of Charles, became popular in the 18th century, after King George III gave it to his own baby daughter. Like Charles, Charlotte also means 'free', and also holds literary associations, thanks to 19th century novelist Charlotte Brontë.

George Alexander Louis - Born 2013

The name of Prince William's eldest son, George has long been a popular choice among royals, and stems from the Greek word Georgos, which means 'farmer' or 'earth worker'.

August Philip Hawke - Born 2021

Princess Eugenie once said: “He is named after his great-grandfather and both of his great x5 grandfathers,” she wrote. And August is the Christian name of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband, whereas Philip is a nod to the late Prince Philip. Meanwhile, Hawke is a family name on dad Jack’s side.

Louise Alice Elizabeth - Born 2007

Queen Victoria’s fourth daughter was named Louise, and Alice comes from both Queen Victoria’s second daughter as well as Louise’s paternal great-grandmother. Elizabeth, again, is a clear nod to her iconic grandmother.

James Alexander Philip Theo - Born 2007

King James I is an important figure in British history, as he was the first monarch to rule over both England andScotland in 1603 – and therefore technically the first king of Great Britain. It’s been a reused family name ever since. Meanwhile, Theo is a nod to the Countess of Wessex’s grandfather, who held the same name.

Eugenie Victoria Helena - Born 1990

A Greek girl's name which means 'well-born' and 'noble', this is, of course, the name of King Charles' niece, Princess Eugenie. The princess was named in honour of the former Queen of Spain, Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg.

Beatrice Elizabeth Mary - Born 1988

A name with Latin origins, Beatrice means 'blessed voyager', and could be a great choice for those with adventurous spirits and a passion for travel.

William Arthur Philip Louis - Born 1982

Another name with Germanic origins, William also has centuries-long associations with the>Royal Family. When Prince William eventually takes the throne, he could become King William V, unless he chooses a different name for himself as a number of his ancestors have done. The name William means 'resolute protector', and is said to symbolise the qualities of will, desire, and protection.

Henry Charles Albert David - Born 1984

Prince Harry’s four-name moniker pays homage to Tudor, Stuart and Windsor kings throughout history. David, which means “beloved”, is often used as a middle name for royal boys.

Royal Family baby names - and the adorable special meanings behind them (2024)


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