Top 10 Best SolarMovie Alternatives: Free Movies & TV Series websites (2024)

Top 10 Best SolarMovie Alternatives: Free Movies & TV Series websites (1)

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1.⚠ Free Streaming Caution: Use a VPN

1.1.The Best VPN for Streaming

2.Top 10 Best SolarMovie Alternatives

2.1.1. YesMovies

2.2.2. Putlocker

2.3.3. FlixTor

2.4.4. 123Movies

2.6.6. Soap2Day

2.7.7. FMovies

2.8.8. Cineb

2.9.9. WatchSeriesHD

2.10.10. SockShare

3.Are The Best SolarMovie Alternatives Legal?

4.Wrap Up

Are you experiencing any issues with SolarMovie? Here are the best SolarMovies alternatives that will let you enjoy free movies and TV shows in HD.

SolarMovie is one of the biggest names in the free streaming industry, and it lets users stream movies and TV shows for free. The site has been around for several years, and it’s still going strong and working well.

However, as is the case with free streaming sites, you always need to have an alternative. You can always find that the title you are looking for is missing, the stream quality is poor, or even the site is not working properly.

To help you ensure that you can always get what you are looking for, we have drafted a list of the 10 best SolarMovie alternatives after analyzing tens of free streaming sites.

⚠ Free Streaming Caution: Use a VPN

SolarMovie and its alternatives may be popular among internet users, but they are villains in the eyes of copyright holders, ISPs, and the authorities; this is because the sites provide free access to content that would otherwise be paid for, meaning most of the content is usually pirated.

👀 Due to this, SolarMovie and some of its alternatives may already be blocked by your country. But even if they are not, your ISP still monitors your traffic, and they can always tell when you access illegal content. Copyright trolls are also always looking out for people who repeatedly access illegal content, and they can easily subject you to a legal process or send you a DMCA notice.

👉 To avoid falling victim whenever you visit SolarMovie or any of its alternatives, always use a reliable streaming VPN. It will protect your privacy and anonymity and secure your devices from rogue websites.

The Best VPN for Streaming

The best VPN for streaming at the moment is Surfshark This is because the VPN provides excellent speeds and solid privacy and security.

Here are a few highlights of Surfshark:

  • ⚡ Superb Speeds: Guarantees a smooth live streaming experience.
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  • 😲 UNLIMITED Devices: Connect dozens of devices at the same time!
  • 🔑Unblock Anything: Safe access to censored apps, websites and torrent sites.
  • 😎 Best in Privacy: The VPN doesn’t keep any activity logs, and so your activities are only known to you.
  • 🔐 Top-notch Security: This VPN uses AES 256-bit encryption and provides multiple protocols alongside other security features such as a kill switch, DNS & IPv6 protection and WireGuard.
  • 💳 30 Days RISK FREE Money-Back Guarantee: In case you do not like the service, you can get every penny back if you cancel within 30 days!

Surfshark is also one of the best-priced VPNs in the market, and you can even get it at 82% off courtesy of our exclusive discount.

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Top 10 Best SolarMovie Alternatives

We have carefully evaluated lots of the most popular sites, and below is our selection of the best top 10 best SolarMovie alternatives.

1. YesMovies

Top 10 Best SolarMovie Alternatives: Free Movies & TV Series websites (3)

YesMovies is easily one of the best free streaming sites, and it ranks first in our list of the best SolarMovie alternatives. The website uses the same theme as SolarMovie, so you will benefit from the feel of familiarity. Although it’s a bit customized, its interface is simple and easy to use, with the homepage only providing a search function and some information about the website. YesMovies provides 10 000+ titles, and it includes some great hidden gems and lots of documentaries.

YesMovies homepage displays a gallery of the new and trending titles complete with the synopsis and a watch now button to make it easy to watch the best new content. Below that, you’ll find suggestions for the latest and new movies, latest TV shows, and more. The website makes navigation super easy by providing lots of filtering options. You can select a category from Genre, Country, Movies, TV Series, and Top IMDB, then filter the titles using Film Type, Quality, Release, Genre, Most Viewed, and more. Most of the titles on the website are in Full HD, and you can switch between several servers if you experience any issues.


2. Putlocker

Top 10 Best SolarMovie Alternatives: Free Movies & TV Series websites (4)

Putlocker is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the free streaming industry. The site started way back in 2010, and by 2011, it was one of the most visited sites in the UK, with 1.6 million daily visitors and a global Alexa rank of 286. Since then, the website has been blocked in various countries and eventually shut down, back in 2016.

However, Putlocker is still going strong today thanks to its several mirror sites, with the best and main one being Thanks to its reliability, superb interface, and high-quality streams, the site is easily one of the best SolarMovie alternatives out there. Putlocker always offers the latest content, and you can switch between servers to enhance your streaming experience.


3. FlixTor

Top 10 Best SolarMovie Alternatives: Free Movies & TV Series websites (5)

FlixTor is one of the best free movies and TV shows streaming sites at the moment and one of the best SolarMovie alternatives. The website uses one of the best interfaces you’ll come across, you’ll complete this with a huge library of content, reliable streaming servers, and high-quality videos. The site’s main page is simple, and it doesn’t offer any codoesn’tTo see titles, you can use menu options that include Home, Movies, TV Shows, TV Episodes, and My List.

These pages offer well-designed cards that flip to show metadata and a watch button on-hover. There are several filtering options that you can use to find what you are looking for, and you can also use the search option. However, it’s important to note that FlixTor also offers a VIP option that provides priority access, ad removal, and Google Chromecast and Apple Airplay support. You can still use the site for free, but you may be locked out during peak hours when the servers are full.



Top 10 Best SolarMovie Alternatives: Free Movies & TV Series websites (7)

123Movies is another popular site with a rich history. The site started in 20 5, and in 2016, MPAA listed it in its Online Notorious Markets report. As we write, the site had a local US rank of 386 and 9.26 unique visitors per day worldwide. After a thorough investigation and collaboration between the US government and the Vietnam government, the site was eventually shut down in 2018.

123Movies then managed to re-invent itself using names such as GoMovies, GoStream, MeMovies, and 123movieshub. These were also hunted down, but there are still many 123Movies mirror sites and clones today. One of the best is 123, and it maintains the original 123Movies theme. You’ll find lots of ti You’llncluding the best of classics and the latest blockbusters.

Alternative sites:,

5. MoviesJoy

Top 10 Best SolarMovie Alternatives: Free Movies & TV Series websites (8)

MoviesJoy has been one of the most consistent sites over the last few years, and it’s also one of the beit’solarMovie alternatives. The site uses a simple theme, but it provides a library that can compete with any other site. You will only get a search function on the main page, and there are no titles. To see a list of titles, you can use the menu options, which include Home, Movies, TV Shows, and Top IMDb. There’s also an option to view the Full Site.

You can switch between the trending movies and TV shows on the homepage without reloading the entire site. Also, the other options that include the latest movies, latest TV shows, and coming soon, are easily available. You can view the metadata, play the title, or change a server on the title page. You can then enable subtitles or dim the lights when you start streaming.


6. Soap2Day

Top 10 Best SolarMovie Alternatives: Free Movies & TV Series websites (9)

Soap2Day doesn’t come with an attractive as most of the sites listed here, but it outdoes most websites in every other aspect. The site is known for off ring, one of the largest content libraries, and you will find the latest releases here first. The main page provides the main menu, recommendations, latest updates, latest episodes, top TV shows, the day’s updates, and much more.

One of the most stand-out things about Soap2Day is that the website also provides sports content. You can use it to watch matches from the UEFA Champions League, NBA PlayOffs, Euros, and the Fifa World Cup. The site is very reliable, and it provides lots of mirror sites and alternative domains to avoid ISP blocking.

Alternative Domains:,,,,

Also, you may want to check the Top 10 Best Free Streaming Sites for Sports.

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7. FMovies

Top 10 Best SolarMovie Alternatives: Free Movies & TV Series websites (10)

FMovies is another reliable site you can use to watch movies and TV shows. The site comes with lots of mirror sites that ensure that even if you are blocked from the main site, or it’s simply not working well, you can still access the service. The main page doesn’t provide any content, but it offers several categories: Genre, Country, Movies, TV Series, and Top IMDB.

Highlighting both Country and Genre provides lots of sub-categories in the specific genres that let you navigate easily to the type of content you are looking for. You’ll get a gallery of the latest blockbusters on the homepage, and you’ll also have 10+ filter options in the movie, and TV shows sections. Movies lets you select the best working server from a minimum of three.

Mirror Sites:,,,

8. Cineb

Top 10 Best SolarMovie Alternatives: Free Movies & TV Series websites (11)

Cineb is not as old as most of the websites listed here, but it works well and provides a huge content library. The site comes with a simple interface that is easy to use, and it’s also optimized for mobile devices and tablets. On the main page, you will find featured movies, trending movies and TV shows, the latest movies, and the latest TV shows. On the sidebar, there are also the top IMDb-rated titles.

To navigate to the title sections, you can use various menu items that include Home, Top IMDb, Movies, and TV Shows. To start watching, you only need to click a title on Cineb, and you will get the play option. From there, you can turn off lights, enable subtitles, switch servers, and much more.


9. WatchSeriesHD

Top 10 Best SolarMovie Alternatives: Free Movies & TV Series websites (12)


WatchSeriesHD is one of the biggest names in the free streaming market, a notch above the tens of sites running under the name. The website is a great SolarMovie alternative if you are more into TV shows; it’s also a perfect choice for Anime fans.

The website lists the latest episodes on the main page, but you can use the side menu to navigate. The categories include My Shows, Popular TV Series, All TV Series, Watch Movies, Watch Drama, WatchSeriesHD’s strongest suit is that you can find not-so-popular movies and TV shows that are not available on most free streaming sites.

Mirror Domain :,

Top 10 Best SolarMovie Alternatives: Free Movies & TV Series websites (13)

SockShare is one of the biggest and oldest names in free online streaming, and it’s the site to visit if you can’t find the title you are looking for elsewhere. The website provides a huge library of movies and TV shows, and you can even find the classic sitcoms and kids’ shows that are not available on mSockShare’sites.

SockShare’s website is well designed, and it features menu items designed as buttons. They include Movies, New Released, Recently Added, Movies, Genres, Countries, Years, Anime, Series, and Sockshare’s shows. Sockshare’s link scraping capability is pretty much unmatched, and you will have options of up to 80 servers depending on the title.


Are The Best SolarMovie Alternatives Legal?

Determining whether the above SolarMovie alternatives are legit is an uphill task as most of them don’t even list the content they provide. However, you should assume that some of the content you’ll find on the websites is legally questionable, so you need to protect yourself wherever you are using free streaming sites. Always ensure that your Surfshark app is running so that you can keep your streaming activities private and use the internet anonymously.

Wrap Up

SolarMovie is currently working well, and you can use it to watch free movies and TV shows. However, if you find the title you are looking for is unavailable or the website is misbehaving, you can always turn to the above free streaming alternatives. All the sites listed above don’t require you to have an account and are totally free. However,

Remember to protect yourself by using a reliable VPN like Surfshark whenever you are streaming for free.


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Top 10 Best SolarMovie Alternatives: Free Movies & TV Series websites (2024)


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