Top 11 SolarMovie Alternatives (2024)

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SolarMovie is a popular website where people watch movies and TV shows online for free. However, sometimes the site might be down, or you might want to explore other options. In this article, we will talk about the top 11 SolarMovie alternatives that you can use instead.

These alternatives offer a wide variety of content, including the latest movies and TV shows. They also have user-friendly interfaces and provide streaming options for different devices. Let’s dive in and discover these best SolarMovie alternatives!.

Top 11 SolarMovie Alternatives (1)

Top 11 SolarMovie Alternatives

  • What is SolarMovie and Its Features?
  • Top 11 SolarMovie Alternatives
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • Peaco*ck
  • MAX
  • KweliTV
  • Disney+
  • Which is the Best SolarMovie Alternative

What is SolarMovie and Its Features?

SolarMovie is a very popular source where you are able to watch the latest movies and series. It has enabled watching movies online with ease. You can watch movies, TV shows, and web series online for free even without signing up. Its advanced functionality enables you to stream your shows without any issues. However, it uses torrents as its source which may be illegal.

Features of SolarMovie

  • It provides subtitles in multiple languages.
  • It is completely free to use.
  • It allows you to download the films without any pay.
  • It also provides easy navigation and sorting options.

Top 11 SolarMovie Alternatives

Below is the list of such SolarMovie alternatives that will provide you with the access to all the trending shows and popular movies. It will allow you to enter the world of entertainment for free and without any subscriptions.

1. Amazon Prime

Top 11 SolarMovie Alternatives (2)

Amazon Prime

It is one of the most popular SolarMovie alternatives where you can find various latest movies and exclusive Amazon Originals. It has easy to use browsing categories and navigation options. Different creators and popular filmstars have launched their OTT platform based series on Amazon Prime to gain audience.


  • It is a website to watch movies and web series without any advertisem*nts.
  • There are various categories on the basis of different genres and ratings to select from.
  • You can also make a watchlist to save for later.
  • Account creation is needed to watch movies or series on this platform.


  • It costs $8.99–$14.99 for monthly subscription.
  • $139.00 for an yearly subscription.

2. Hulu

Top 11 SolarMovie Alternatives (3)


This SolarMovie alternative, Hulu has an extensive movie library. It includes a mix of famous and classic movies from different decades list. It also features a lot of exclusive Hulu Original movies as well as series.


  • It requires a paid subscription.
  • You can avail its subscription after a 30 day free trial period.
  • It includes exclusive shows and Movies with copyright-free content.


  • The price for subscription ranges from 7.99$ to 69.99$.

3. Netflix

Netflix has to be in the list of SolarMovie alternatives due to its diverse collection of movies and unique content. The library of the platform keeps on growing constantly. Be it Netflix original or classic movies or series people have so much to watch, thus keeps on outclassing various other movie streaming platforms.


  • High quality content for premium subscribers
  • Offline downloads available on mobiles
  • Does not provide live tv but uploaded content


  • Starting price for subscription ranges $6.99 per month

4. Peaco*ck

Top 11 SolarMovie Alternatives (4)

One of the best and affordable SolarMovie alternative, NBC’s Peaco*ck has a huge streaming library where one can watch blockbuster movies in HD quality. The platform supports both subscribed and ad-free plan as well as free plan that includes advertisem*nts. Apart from movies, Peaco*ck also provides live sports streams, thus making it famous among all the sports enthusiasts.


  • Flexible pricing plans
  • Provides the facility of live sports
  • Affordable plans with amazing movies and series


  • Starting price for subscription ranges $5.99 per month

5. MAX

HBO MAX is known for its diverse and impressive collection of Warner Media movies and is an important SuperMovie alternative. It has many movies including Warner bros. production, DC movies, New line cinema, etc. HBO has large collection of movies which is liked by the chinephills all over the world.


  • Availability of Ad-free movies
  • Access of live news as well as sports
  • Provides 4k content under the ultimate tier


  • Starting price for subscription ranges $9.99 per month

6. KweliTV

Top 11 SolarMovie Alternatives (5)

If someone like to watch movies from Africa or the places nearby then Kweli TV is the best SolarMovie alternative. It has more that 400 special picked movies such as Black Enuf, Africa United, etc. Along with these there are numerous documentaries which one cannot find easily on any other platform.


  • Exceptional and independent library
  • Mobile download and offline mode available
  • Special discounts for black-owned-businesses and merchendise shop


  • Starting price for subscription ranges $5.99 per month

7. Disney+

Last but not the least Disney+, one of the best SolarMovie alternative where you can exclusively stream fantastic movies such as Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, etc. Here you can find the complete Disney universe in amazing quality. Here you can also watch live sports and series.


  • Ofline download available
  • Provide 4K streaming
  • Premium subscribers can download videos


  • Starting price for subscription ranges $7.99 per month

Which is the Best SolarMovie Alternatives?

All the above mentioned SolarMovie alternatives are good as they have a vast library of movies and shows to select from. They provides you with HD quality options and also facilitates a great experience due to its user-friendly interface and easy functionality.

These platforms also allow downloading to make it convenient for offline viewing. Most of the platforms do not have advertisem*nts unlike various other platforms in order to make your experience more pleasant. However the best SolarMovie alternative can depend on your preferences that may include content availability, subscription fees and ease of use. Your choice can vary according to your need and requirement.


In this entertainment-centric world, SolarMovie allows you to stream the latest films and shows without any cost, offering diverse content and amazing experiences. However, if you’re looking for SolarMovie alternatives, you have plenty of options. From the simplicity of Hulu TV to the diverse library of Netflix and exclusives from Peaco*ck or Amazon Prime, there are choices to meet your needs. If you want even more options, we’ve compiled a list of the top 11 SolarMovie alternatives for you to explore and enjoy.

SolarMovie Alternatives – FAQs

Are These SolarMovie Alternatives Free To Use?

These alternatives are not free to use and can be accessed after subscription only.

How Can I Find Specific Movies or Shows on These Platforms?

In order to find a specific show or film, you can use the search option or sorting options which will help you find your particular interest.

Do These Alternatives Require a High-Speed Internet Connection for HD Streaming?

Most of these SolarMovie alternatives that allow HD streaming require stable and high speed internet connection. Slower connections can lead to buffering and reduced video quality which can interrupt your viewing experience.

What happened to the SolarMovie?

SolarMovie, a popular free streaming site, closed due to legal issues. It offered copyrighted content without permission, leading to bans in many countries.

Is there anything like SolarMovie but legal?

Sure! Looking for a safe alternative to SolarMovie? Check these out:

1. Netflix: Popular streaming service with a vast library of movies, TV series, and documentaries.

2. Hulu: Mix of current TV shows, classics, and originals.

3. Amazon Prime Video: Wide range of movies, shows, and exclusive content.

4. Peaco*ck TV: Offers free and premium plans with varied content.




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Top 11 SolarMovie Alternatives (2024)


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