Vasa Clinton Hours (2024)

1. Gym Membership & Workout Classes in Clinton UT | VASA Fitness

  • Gym Hours. M / T / W / TH / F: 5:00 am - 12:00 am. Saturday: 5:00 am - 10:00 pm. Sunday: 7:00 am - 4:00 pm. (801) 774-8272 · Kidcare ...

  • Our gym has everything you need to be successful with your fitness goals. From working out to recovery we've got you covered. Need a personal trainer? We've got a package for that!

2. Workout Class Schedule For Our Clinton Gym - VASA Fitness

  • Sorry! · 5:00 pm. Everyone in the pool for a weightless, total body jam sesh! · 6:00 pm. Dance fitness will have you maximizing your cardio effort, while ...

  • Our Clinton, UT gym location offers fitness classes throughout the month to help you achieve your fitness goals. Find a class that suits you best.

3. VASA Fitness (Clinton) - Facebook

  • VASA Fitness, Clinton, Utah. 1951 likes · 5 talking about this · 15312 were here. Get fit, feel strong, be happy at VASA! Learn more about our...

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

4. Vasa Fitness (All Utah Locations) - Clinton, UT 84015 - Yellow Pages

5. VASA Fitness - ‼️HOLIDAY HOURS ‼️ Have a wonderful ... - Facebook

  • 18 dec 2018 · HOLIDAY HOURS ‼️ Have a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones! ❤️ Dec. 24th Close at 2pm. Dec. 25th Closed New Years Eve Dec. 31st

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

6. VASA Fitness - Certified Personal Trainer job in Clinton, UT, US

  • POSITION DESCRIPTION · POSITION TITLE: Certified Personal Trainer · FLSA STATUS: Hourly · COMPENSATION: Base pay is $12.00 per hour. · Client Training Session Range ...

  • Apply for a VASA Fitness - Certified Personal Trainer job in Clinton, UT, US. Apply online today. View more part-time, full-time, temporary jobs in Clinton, UT, US on JobGet. Posting id: 66c8f27a-f2d2-4cb0-bc96-22afcd9b19a3

7. Vasa Fitness - Clinton in Clinton, UT, UNITED STATES - Swimmers Guide

8. VASA Fitness - Member Experience Specialist job in Clinton, UT, US

  • COMPENSATION: Base rate of $11.40 per hour, plus $2 - $4 commission eligibility for memberships and personal training sales! JOIN OUR TEAM. At VASA Fitness, we ...

  • Apply for a VASA Fitness - Member Experience Specialist job in Clinton, UT, US. Apply online today. View more part-time, full-time, temporary jobs in Clinton, UT, US on JobGet. Posting id: 77b04b06-a337-4853-9207-99458214512e

9. Clinton VASA Fitness employee allegedly steals $3K from ...

  • 15 okt 2019 · After the transaction was complete, the victims went into the gym for their workout. Archuleta then spoke with the victims multiple times and at ...

  • A Clinton VASA Fitness employee was arrested Monday after allegedly stealing $3,000 from a customer's credit card.

10. Fitness Locations - SilverSneakers

  • Many of them also take a wide variety of fitness classes, visit fitness locations during non-peak hours and may not have purchased gym memberships without the ...

11. Find a Class | Surge Fit

  • VASA. Surge Fit and Surge Strength. 648 E State ST ... Clinton. Vasa. @kallee.shelley. Cottonwood Heights ... Layton Vasa. 2076 N Main St, Layton UT 84041.

  • Find a Surge Class near you! From Alexandria to California, Texas to Utah, discover Surge Strength and Surge Fit classes for a high-intensity workout.

12. Kep: Homepage

  • ... CLINTON” nr.24. Telefoni: +383 (0) 38 609 586 ... Vasa" nr. 6, Lagjja Pejton, 10000 Prishtinë ... times so that we can save your preferences for cookie ...

  • We support you in the development of your future..

13. Official: Rangers confirm signing of Clinton Nsiala from AC Milan

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  • AC Milan have lost one of the pillars of the Primavera side as Clinton Nsiala will join Glasgow Rangers this summer on a free transfer, it has been confirmed.Footmercato report that Nsiala’s perform...

14. VASA Fitness - Clinton UT -

  • The provider does not participate in a subsidized child care program. Contact. 2642 N 2000 W, 2642 N 2000 W Clinton UT 84015; (801) 623-2059. Operation Hours.

  • VASA Fitness - Clinton is a Exempt Drop-In Child Care Center, Background Checks by CCL in Clinton UT. It has maximum capacity of 60 children. The license number is: 66100.

Vasa Clinton Hours (2024)


What does VASA stand for in VASA Fitness? ›

The definition of 'VASA' is "Personal voyage to inner. happiness through physical and emotional health". This is written in big letters on our wall because the. gym is not just about losing weight, gaining muscle, recovering injuries, etc.

Is VASA hard to cancel? ›

Our cancellation process is simple. Log into your VASA App and choose “My Account” on the bottom menu. Tap cancel or pause plan, fill out your account info so we can locate your account, and follow the subsequent prompts. Any remaining balance will need to be paid prior to cancellation.

Can you film in VASA? ›

You are welcome to take photos as well as record video inside the Vasa Museum for your own purposes. Feel free to use flash and tripods. Selfie sticks are not allowed inside the museum.

How big is VASA Pool? ›

What are the pool lengths? Most of our pools are 25 meters, but vary in length based on the location. Talk to the front desk for more info.

Why is VASA Fitness so popular? ›

Our inclusive, non-judgmental atmosphere has helped us expand to nearly 10 states and become one of the top 20 largest health club operators in the country. We meet our members where they are in their fitness journeys and provide the equipment, classes, Coaches, and resources they need to reach their goals.

What is the cheapest gym to join? ›

7 National Chains With Cheap Gym Memberships
  1. 24 Hour Fitness. Where: 24 Hour Fitness has over 275 locations in 11 states — California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, Hawaii, Florida, Virginia, New York and New Jersey. ...
  2. YouFit Gyms. ...
  3. Planet Fitness. ...
  4. Crunch Fitness. ...
  5. LA Fitness. ...
  6. Anytime Fitness. ...
  7. Blink Fitness.
Apr 24, 2024

What happens if you don't pay VASA membership? ›

Payment Return Fee: If we don't receive your monthly payment, you'll have an additional $25 return fee added to your account.

How much does it cost to cancel a VASA membership? ›

Please inform VASA Fitness or go to to keep your billing information updated in order to avoid a Return Payment fee. CANCELLATION PROCESSING FEE $25 An early cancellation fee will be charged on any month to month membership that is cancelled prior to fulfilling 6 scheduled monthly payments.

What is light therapy at VASA? ›

VASA LIGHT THERAPY. Light therapy is a treatment that uses low wavelength red light to improve the skin's appearance. Research has shown RLT increases collagen production, improves circulation, and aids in muscle recovery.

Can I bring my little brother to Vasa? ›

Anyone 12 years of age or older is welcome to work out in our facilities. Members between the ages of 12-15 must work out with a parent or legal guardian who has signed as the responsible party for the agreement.

What is the Vasa shoe policy? ›

CLEANLINESS AND CLOTHING- Close-toed shoes and suitable, presentable and clean clothing in good repair is to be worn by member at member's own expense. Members wearing clothing deemed inappropriate by management may be asked to leave the facilities.

What do you wear to a Vasa sauna? ›

Light workout clothes or swimsuits are required in the sauna and steam rooms. Feel free to wear flip flops or go barefoot and consider bringing a bottle of water with you to stay hydrated.

Can I go to multiple VASA locations? ›

Our Fitness and STUDIO memberships give you access to all VASA Fitness locations! Our app makes it easy to schedule your classes, KidCare, and gym access.

What is a rate guarantee fee for VASA? ›

RATE GUARANTEE FEE $49.99 This fee allows your monthly rate to remain locked in. Charged 2 months from join date and yearly thereafter on the same date. RETURNED PAYMENT FEE $25 This fee will be charged on payments that are returned or declined on regular monthly bill date.

Does VASA have sleds? ›

Sleds can be loaded with weights and pushed by placing your hands on the vertical posts or pulled using a strap, which you can get from the front desk at VASA.

How did VASA gym get its name? ›

VASA is Latin for “inner vessel.” The company promotes a personal voyage to inner happiness through physical and emotional health.

Who is the owner of VASA? ›

Rich Nelsen is the CEO of Vasa Fitness.

Who started VASA Fitness? ›

VASA was founded by CEO Scott Felsted in 1996.

What is the motto of VASA Fitness? ›

VASA FITNESS is your body, your victory, your gym. The mission is to UPLIFT everyone through fun, happy fitness.


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